miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2013

Art in pop, culture in me

And this is how art becomes pop.

LADY GAGA's new single is becoming more and more popular every day and it's at the high positions on the charts right now.
I've never seen such a special song going up so fast! That's incredible!

But, in addition, Lady Gaga has turned the concept of music into another thing that she's the only one who could have done.

This single express how much the fame it costs and what are you living for as an artist you are.
Gaga has realized artists are nothing without the applauses of their fans and it would be well if another artists did the same, like singing songs in which the author express how much love her fans as Gaga does.

This artist, born in one of the most artist places (NY), was born not to be brave or saved; but she was born to be one of the best pop singer as Madonna, Britney Spears, Aguilera, Rihanna... 

Furthermore, there is her voice, her dance her youth and her wanting of become an artist what brought her to she's now; on the top of the wave.

I'd like to say that Germanotta has been changed a lot since her first album being Gaga.
"The Fame" (2009) which reached the top of all the music's lists and being at 1st place during weeks.
The singles that  at 1st place were all artist's songs: 
"Just Dance", "Pokerface", "Paparazzi", "Bad Romance", "Judas", "Born this Way"...

And was "Applause" the most waited to release and... how did it!

The new album is waited to be the artist's best with songs as "Aura", "Mannicure", "Sex Dreams"... so, let's gonna expect, let's gonna applause, put our hands up and make'm touch!!

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