sábado, 11 de mayo de 2013

Love and other addictions

I'm addicted, I can't control it, I need it every day, It's my poision, my drug, I pray for it every single hour of my life. Yes!! I need Big Brother for my daily life. I'm really addicted, I swear

People call me crazy... So what? I think that if my life is empty I need something for full it in, and the easiest way to do it it's like that. The conflicts, the bad relations between them, makes me want to be inside with them and nominate whoever, just for feel the emotion of being on the edge of the expulsion.

As I do, most persons are addicted to something strange or extremly rare. There is a TV programm called this way, My Strange Addiction, and it shows people who has strange habits and they think it is ordinary! As well as seeing Spanish Big Brother.

I saw the chapter in which a girl liked to eat cat's hair balls. I promised never see it again, but my morbidity impeded me doing it again. What could be the solution for that addiction?

I have no doubt that one of the best addictions I have is love. Ohhh... everybody think that love is one of the best feelings that humans have -and it is- but when the love takes over -as the songs say- this perfect feeling could turn into something really horrible.

The jealous, the insecurity, the lack of self-esteem, etc... are proves that an excess of love could be mortal for one of the member of the couple.
Really I don't want to say that love is bad, I wish fall for someone right now even I had a lot of things in my head.

I have nothing more to say so, I have to stop writting, Big Brother has just started and I need my daily drug.

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