viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

I'll breakaway

The university is one of the places most wished by the students of the whole world. Everybody wants to  take part in this institution, but have they the sufficient capacity?

Actually, the students of the University are there because they want to find a good job, doing what they like the most and probably with a good salary. But is it sure they wil find a job like this? I hope so! Even the habitants of Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, etc... -the most affected by the crisis- will have the opportunity of break away from their countries and to have an opportunity in another ones.

For exemple, one of the most important sources of Europe nowadays is Germany. How many spaniards have been travelling there in these past years? I think Germany has more Spanish people than Spain, and it is obvious, because if Spanish people don't find a job in Spain they have to emigrate to a better place like, as I said, Germany or France, US, Russia or wherever.

In addition, the problem it's not just the few money we have to travel apllying for a job, one of the most important handicaps it's the language. How many Spanish people speak German? Mm... I'd say that it's a miracle they speak English, I don't want to imaginate if they spoke German, they would discover any kind of ancient language.

Whatever, another language very demmanded is French. Have the french the solution for the crisis? No, they don't, but -for me- it's a very wonderful and loveful- language.

And what about English, the second language most spoken at the world? Everybody should speak it, because it's really useful to speak with another person on other side of the world, because he or she will unterstand you.

The past summer I met four French boys, very nice boys, and my friends and I didn't speak French and they didn't either. What was the solution? English it was -even two of them didn't speak English so we speak a few sentences in an horrible "Spanfrench".

Furthermore, US is one of the most powerful sources and growing place to go. Even if you are Spanish and don't speak English you will unterstand everybody perfectly because the most majoritary people are Latin. So it's fantastic!

And finally with Spanish you can go everywhere you go too, Spanish is the third most spoken language of all the world, thanks to Latinamerica and Mexico.

I’d like to finish saying that we are in a Globalised World, and we have been born in the Communication’s Era and we have to be proud a about who we are and where we are born.

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