sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

S.O.S Men in danger

One of the most seeing topics nowadays is:
What the hell is happening with the famous couples?
I say that because I have been realising  days ago that many of the famous girls singers own songs in which they speak about a terrible heartbreak-down, unfaithful, jealous or even with killing somebody!
And I'm wondering why the girls ( or boys as well ) are becoming so emotional and killing?
In the last video of one of my favourites singers, Xtina Aguilera, we can see how terrible can be
a woman who has been split up by a boy.
In the video it can be seen Chrsitina like a superkilling woman whose only wanting is using boys for and kill them after. (This video makes me want to be a Xtina's couple, I confess ) But Xtina is not the only one, another girl singer well-known as well is Taylor Swift whose two first singles ( "We are never ever getting back together" , well-known for being the ever, ever, ever, ever, eternal ever typical repeating songs which makes you get a gun and kill everybody around you while you're singing ever ever ever... and "I knew you were trouble" the second single that shows us a broken Taylor among the rest of a concert, alone and after have been drunk and drugged OMG I had never thought seeing Taylor this way =O but obviously is Taylor is not the blame of that, is her ex-boyfriend!  What is happening??
Might be, are we men the worst, the dirtiest, the stinkiest think in this world?? Or might be are women superinnocent and angelical? ( I don't want to be sexist but it's funny that boys just write songs about a wonderful, miracle, beautiful, loveful and perfect love and a wonderful girls and, by other hand women hate
boys for being unfaithful, jealous, overprotective and girls just wanna have fun. Are we crazy?

Finally I've realised that we are in a fair world where as boys as girls can be at the same social level and being judged as well. I enjoy to know that girls and boys have reached the same level at present.

It doesn't matter if you are a boy, a girl, homosexual, black, white, transexual, drunk, etc... you are the most perfect creation: a human.

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