miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Jessica. She was really beautiful, but one day she realised a really big pimple on her face!
-Oh no! Tonight is going to be my prom! I don't know what must I do!.
Suddenly, the mirror started to speak and Jessica started to freak out.
-Jessica, I can't stand looking at you. What it has happened to you? You used to be beauty, charming and perfect. Now, you look like the Snow White's Witch.

She started to cry desperately and said:
-Mirror, mirror; what should I do? Please, Help me! I can't be at the prom in this way!
-Don't worry my little princess; there's a solution for you... All you have to do is relaxing, and wait  the miraculous, beauty, powerful fairy godmother for, she will help you.
-Oh that's true! How I couldn't think that before? Thank you so much.

This is not a real situation, just because if you had a pimple in the middle of your face everybody would laugh you, and you would cry, you would move to another city, another country, another planet, etc... furthermore 

any "fairy godmother" would come to rescue you, even more, she would run really far away  from you.
So, What can you do? Maybe killing yourself?  Get so nerve-racking that you would get a fit?
The answer is clear; take it easy and relax! All problems have solution.

If you had a pimple on your face, a good advice for you would be a good facial cleaning with an exfoliating brush (one of my favorite one is the Garnier's Pure Active exfoliating brush, whose main component is the Salicylic acid). This product makes  fats of the pimple dissapear and it gives to your face a pretty look, because unblocks the blackheads and exfoliates the face in depth.

Before the face cleaning what you must do is washing your face with warm water (you can wash your face with cold and freeze water in summer, it will be a great cold experience at summer's nights. On the other hand, if you had the great idea of washing your face with cold water at winter might you get as cold as  penguin's feet so I don't recommend it).

Finally, once you had exfoliated and washed your face you have to put a good cream over your face. Remember that the cream has to be specially for fat skins, so the cream has to be oil-free because if you add more fats to your skin might be it will appear more blackheads and pimples so don't do it!

And after this, you will be ready for any kind of date or event you have. For emergencies, you can apply on your pimple a little of green tea's oil which will dry a little the blackhead or pimple and the red will decrease.

-Mirror, mirror, How I look like now?- said Jessica in front of her mirror.

-Oh Jess, now you look like a real princess.- reply the mirror.- Can you do to me the same? 
-No, I can't. Snow White Witches don't clean mirrors. 

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