miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2013

Art in pop, culture in me

And this is how art becomes pop.

LADY GAGA's new single is becoming more and more popular every day and it's at the high positions on the charts right now.
I've never seen such a special song going up so fast! That's incredible!

But, in addition, Lady Gaga has turned the concept of music into another thing that she's the only one who could have done.

This single express how much the fame it costs and what are you living for as an artist you are.
Gaga has realized artists are nothing without the applauses of their fans and it would be well if another artists did the same, like singing songs in which the author express how much love her fans as Gaga does.

This artist, born in one of the most artist places (NY), was born not to be brave or saved; but she was born to be one of the best pop singer as Madonna, Britney Spears, Aguilera, Rihanna... 

Furthermore, there is her voice, her dance her youth and her wanting of become an artist what brought her to she's now; on the top of the wave.

I'd like to say that Germanotta has been changed a lot since her first album being Gaga.
"The Fame" (2009) which reached the top of all the music's lists and being at 1st place during weeks.
The singles that  at 1st place were all artist's songs: 
"Just Dance", "Pokerface", "Paparazzi", "Bad Romance", "Judas", "Born this Way"...

And was "Applause" the most waited to release and... how did it!

The new album is waited to be the artist's best with songs as "Aura", "Mannicure", "Sex Dreams"... so, let's gonna expect, let's gonna applause, put our hands up and make'm touch!!

sábado, 11 de mayo de 2013

Love and other addictions

I'm addicted, I can't control it, I need it every day, It's my poision, my drug, I pray for it every single hour of my life. Yes!! I need Big Brother for my daily life. I'm really addicted, I swear

People call me crazy... So what? I think that if my life is empty I need something for full it in, and the easiest way to do it it's like that. The conflicts, the bad relations between them, makes me want to be inside with them and nominate whoever, just for feel the emotion of being on the edge of the expulsion.

As I do, most persons are addicted to something strange or extremly rare. There is a TV programm called this way, My Strange Addiction, and it shows people who has strange habits and they think it is ordinary! As well as seeing Spanish Big Brother.

I saw the chapter in which a girl liked to eat cat's hair balls. I promised never see it again, but my morbidity impeded me doing it again. What could be the solution for that addiction?

I have no doubt that one of the best addictions I have is love. Ohhh... everybody think that love is one of the best feelings that humans have -and it is- but when the love takes over -as the songs say- this perfect feeling could turn into something really horrible.

The jealous, the insecurity, the lack of self-esteem, etc... are proves that an excess of love could be mortal for one of the member of the couple.
Really I don't want to say that love is bad, I wish fall for someone right now even I had a lot of things in my head.

I have nothing more to say so, I have to stop writting, Big Brother has just started and I need my daily drug.

Let's speak clearly...

Some people call it "music", others call it "life", and finally the less melomaniacs call it "noise" I'm talking about metal.

Well... What metal is? There are many definitions for that. According to Wikipedia: "Heavy metal (often referred to as metal) is a genre of rock music that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, largely in the United Kingdom and in the United States."

Whatever, Metal is one of the most discriminated musical genre, but the question is... Why is it?
I'd bet half of my capital that people who don't like this music is because metal is a very hard music and I agree with them, but I don't understand why that people who don't like it call the people who like "goths", "hairies", "emos", etc...

But I think that we have the need of call people in a special way, with an alias, with a nickname. For example if you are very smart, you're a nerd; if you like dressing in black, your a goth; if you are a boy and you like men, you're a faggot instead of homosexual...
A lot of examples of that, so I'd like a day without pseudonymous, without labels. Would it be possible? I hope yes.

How would it be a day with just good modals? Might be insufforable, I couldn't speak without insults. Well... I mean, I'm not the worst and  foulmouthed person of all the world. But I think a good insult could be economic. For exemple: Is it not better say: "Motherfu****! You hurt me!" to "Excuse me Sir, You must know that you have made me a little portion of pain on the knees for being cycling on this road, but I don't mind, I just let it go and it doesn't matter"? That's my simple opinion.

I'd like to settle up that an adult can says all the insults he/she wants, but I wouldn't want to see a child saying these words. In fact, a child doesn't need to economise his/her vocabulary, it's just a child! But, unfortunatly, most childs speak very bad! Now if you heard any child of wherever he/she'd know most insults than you. It's sure.

Those boys and girls -in my opinion-  are haunted forever. There is not possible solution for their behaviour, so I see two clear solutions: The first one is educating your son or daughter with patience, love and well-temperament and try to change this terrible behaviour And the second one I see is confining him/her in the most well-known boarding school with the most estrict professors. I think the first one is the best, because the second -I think- is for parents who don't like their own children.

And finally, I just want to say that we have to do something for change the worst habits we have -I'm the first who have it- and call every thing with its own name, not heavies, goths or hairies.

viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

I'll breakaway

The university is one of the places most wished by the students of the whole world. Everybody wants to  take part in this institution, but have they the sufficient capacity?

Actually, the students of the University are there because they want to find a good job, doing what they like the most and probably with a good salary. But is it sure they wil find a job like this? I hope so! Even the habitants of Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, etc... -the most affected by the crisis- will have the opportunity of break away from their countries and to have an opportunity in another ones.

For exemple, one of the most important sources of Europe nowadays is Germany. How many spaniards have been travelling there in these past years? I think Germany has more Spanish people than Spain, and it is obvious, because if Spanish people don't find a job in Spain they have to emigrate to a better place like, as I said, Germany or France, US, Russia or wherever.

In addition, the problem it's not just the few money we have to travel apllying for a job, one of the most important handicaps it's the language. How many Spanish people speak German? Mm... I'd say that it's a miracle they speak English, I don't want to imaginate if they spoke German, they would discover any kind of ancient language.

Whatever, another language very demmanded is French. Have the french the solution for the crisis? No, they don't, but -for me- it's a very wonderful and loveful- language.

And what about English, the second language most spoken at the world? Everybody should speak it, because it's really useful to speak with another person on other side of the world, because he or she will unterstand you.

The past summer I met four French boys, very nice boys, and my friends and I didn't speak French and they didn't either. What was the solution? English it was -even two of them didn't speak English so we speak a few sentences in an horrible "Spanfrench".

Furthermore, US is one of the most powerful sources and growing place to go. Even if you are Spanish and don't speak English you will unterstand everybody perfectly because the most majoritary people are Latin. So it's fantastic!

And finally with Spanish you can go everywhere you go too, Spanish is the third most spoken language of all the world, thanks to Latinamerica and Mexico.

I’d like to finish saying that we are in a Globalised World, and we have been born in the Communication’s Era and we have to be proud a about who we are and where we are born.

miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

The immortality of Horace's lyric work

Non omnis moriar (I won't die completly) and Exegi monumentum aere perennius (I've raised a monument more lasting than bronze) these were the most famous Horace's sentences ever said with regard to his work. He was one of the best Latin poets of the whole history of the literature. As Petrarca, Dante, Garcilaso de la Vega or John Milton, Horace wrote about how important is the nature and the environment, apart of his distaste of living in the city.
It started writing thanks to the orders of the emperor Augusto who wanted to honour to the gods Apolo and Diana.
After this, he started writing his poems imitating the ancient Greek poets, like Arquíloco or Hiponacte. They wrote about violence, politics, rich people and justice.
One of the famoust Latin sentence and poem was his Beatus ille (Happy that one...) which remember us how peacefull and quiet it is living in the field, avoiding the stress, the crowd and the hustle of the city.

sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

S.O.S Men in danger

One of the most seeing topics nowadays is:
What the hell is happening with the famous couples?
I say that because I have been realising  days ago that many of the famous girls singers own songs in which they speak about a terrible heartbreak-down, unfaithful, jealous or even with killing somebody!
And I'm wondering why the girls ( or boys as well ) are becoming so emotional and killing?
In the last video of one of my favourites singers, Xtina Aguilera, we can see how terrible can be
a woman who has been split up by a boy.
In the video it can be seen Chrsitina like a superkilling woman whose only wanting is using boys for and kill them after. (This video makes me want to be a Xtina's couple, I confess ) But Xtina is not the only one, another girl singer well-known as well is Taylor Swift whose two first singles ( "We are never ever getting back together" , well-known for being the ever, ever, ever, ever, eternal ever typical repeating songs which makes you get a gun and kill everybody around you while you're singing ever ever ever... and "I knew you were trouble" the second single that shows us a broken Taylor among the rest of a concert, alone and after have been drunk and drugged OMG I had never thought seeing Taylor this way =O but obviously is Taylor is not the blame of that, is her ex-boyfriend!  What is happening??
Might be, are we men the worst, the dirtiest, the stinkiest think in this world?? Or might be are women superinnocent and angelical? ( I don't want to be sexist but it's funny that boys just write songs about a wonderful, miracle, beautiful, loveful and perfect love and a wonderful girls and, by other hand women hate
boys for being unfaithful, jealous, overprotective and girls just wanna have fun. Are we crazy?

Finally I've realised that we are in a fair world where as boys as girls can be at the same social level and being judged as well. I enjoy to know that girls and boys have reached the same level at present.

It doesn't matter if you are a boy, a girl, homosexual, black, white, transexual, drunk, etc... you are the most perfect creation: a human.

martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

Baudelaire, the main flower of evil

Today I'd like to make a tribute to one of my favourite's poets ever, his name is Charles Baudelaire.
Baudelaire was born at Paris and die at the same place. He took a really hard live way due to he used to
drink like a fish and used to get out with some person who weren't a good infuence to him.
So he had to start to drink, and drug to stand living.

Jeanne Duval was his lover for a long time furthermore she was the inspiration for his most famous masterpiece, The flowers of evil ( Le fleurs du mal in French ) in which piece he wrote about the beauty
and the rot both together, that anyone would say:- Baudy, are you crazy?

The answer is obviously not.
Baudelaire has made famous by that, because he mixed all the sentiments up on his poems. He knew
who get the perfect harmony between the ideal landscape and the most disgusting thing. For exemple
on one of his poems he's going with her couple Jeanne for the field and suddenly they find a smelly
carrion and Baudelaire tells her that she will end that way, being a carrion.

That's why Baudelaire has that reputation, not for have written a tender, softly love poems but for have the capacity for take a "normally" feelings (i.e. love) and turn it into something really nasty.

Furthermore Baudelaire was a gotic man who never liked to enjoy the society, and the crowds. He'd
rather to stand all by himself at home writting poems about cliffs, solitude, and shadows.

And here all I think about one of my favourite romantic poets of the 19th century; I hope you liked
and I add so one of my favourite poems of him.
Enjoy ;)

Souvent, pour s'amuser, les hommes d'équipage
Prennent des albatros, vastes oiseaux des mers,
Qui suivent, indolents compagnons de voyage,
Le navire glissant sur les gouffres amers.

À peine les ont-ils déposés sur les planches,
Que ces rois de l'azur, maladroits et honteux,
Laissent piteusement leurs grandes ailes blanches
Comme des avirons traîner à côté d'eux.

Ce voyageur ailé, comme il est gauche et veule!
Lui, naguère si beau, qu'il est comique et laid!
L'un agace son bec avec un brûle-gueule,
L'autre mime, en boitant, l'infirme qui volait!

Le Poète est semblable au prince des nuées
Qui hante la tempête et se rit de l'archer;
Exilé sur le sol au milieu des huées,
Ses ailes de géant l'empêchent de marcher.

The Albatross
Sometimes for sport the men of loafing crews
Snare the great albatrosses of the deep,
The indolent companions of their cruise
As through the bitter vastitudes they sweep.

Scarce have they fished aboard these airy kings
When helpless on such unaccustomed floors,
They piteously droop their huge white wings
And trail them at their sides like drifting oars.

How comical, how ugly, and how meek
Appears this soarer of celestial snows!
One, with his pipe, teases the golden beak,
One, limping, mocks the cripple as he goes.

The Poet, like this monarch of the clouds,
Despising archers, rides the storm elate.
But, stranded on the earth to jeering crowds,
The great wings of the giant baulk his gait.
— Roy Campbell, Poems of Baudelaire (New York: Pantheon Books, 1952)